Bible Centred: We believe that the scripture is inspired by God and completely accurate. It is our final authority concerning Christian beliefs and a guide for Christian living.


Acceptance: We believe all people matter to God and ought to matter to the church. We cherish diversity because the gospel makes us one, transcending all cultural, ethnic and social differences. We want all people to experience God’s love and grace.


Inspiring Worship: Our worship includes a variety of musical styles and use of instruments all having the primary purpose of exalting the Lord. We encourage the raising of hands, clapping, dancing, singing, prophecy and healing. We also have special music by the choir, worship team and individuals.


Discipleship: We believe that all men must make a full devotion to Christ and His cause. Every believer is sent out to the world to share the gospel of God’s salvation.


Developing Leaders: We believe that everything rises and falls around leadership. In IPC, we equip people to discover and deploy their gifts as God’s strategy to transform the world.


Small Groups: We believe that pastoral care to facilitate Christian growth happens best in small groups. We consider it vital for every member to belong to a small group for bible study and to serve in ministry.

Our Core Principles